Friday, October 16, 2009

First post!

Mom introduces me. (Mo-om, I'm in the bath! This is so embarrassing.)

I thought I'd start with an overview of my life so far. I don't remember much about my early puppyhood, except that I was absolutely mindbogglingly cute.

Mom had this dumb idea to let my hair grow out long, like a regular Shih Tzu. Well, I'm only half Shih Tzu, and I love the mud.

So far so good...

Oh dear. Getting mopular.

So very mopular.

So mopular, I couldn't even tell that mom's portrait of me wasn't a chew toy!

Anyways, back to the early days. Back then, my roommate Oscar was bigger than me. Mom loves laughing at me at the end of this video. Whatever. Sometimes I fall over backwards, ok?

This one time, mom got mad at me (who knows why) but then she started playing this awesome game where she sprayed water at me and I tried to catch it.

Nowadays, I'm just about grown up. Which I guess mom took to mean that I wouldn't mind having a little brother. Um, WRONG.

Well, I guess he's ok. I'm still a bit skeptical though - I mean, he won't even play fetch with me when I drop my ball in front of him. What a weirdo.